Federico Ferrarini


FEDERICO FERRARINI SOLE_066 Palazzo Garzoni Moro, San Marco 3417, Venice from 1 to 30 July, 2017 Opening Saturday 1 July, 2017 at 6 pm At Palazzo Garzoni Moro, in Venice, Manon Comerio presents an innovative project that engages the artist Federico Ferrarini in the making of SOLE_066, a work that will be created during a month of live performance, inviting the audience to witness every step of the artistic process. Federico Ferrarini is a light creator that finds his way to communicate with the external world thanks to the repetition of a tireless and powerful image. His painted life is an endless process of approach, transcription and wonder always directed towards the Sun. Each Sun he paints is an attempt to capture a superior light and witnesses the inadequacy of a single canvas to address such a wonder. Each art work revolves around a blinding center from which fragments and light signs depart. Different colour combinations and layers amplify the expanding gesture to express the authentic energy of a poetic and utopic research, which is not only interior but is directed towards the outside. The artist will create, during a month of live performance, a huge Sun, involving the audience directly in a cathartic, mystical experience, giving birth to an hypnotic ritual always looking for the sky. In this relational environment an unexpected energy bursts out, a complete dedication to the attempt of closing the circle, a constant challenge against every cloud that could hinder his hymn to life and light. The project is carried on in cooperation with MAAM (Museo delle Arti Applicate nel Mobile), an institute created by Fondazione Aldo Morelato that collects experimental works and masterpieces that tell the history and the evolution of design as applied to furniture in the last century, all manufactured by Morelato. Some of them will be displayed in the exhibition premises, underlining a strong connection between art and design. Palazzo Garzoni Moro is a XV-century building with a strategic position on Canal Grande in Venice. This Venetian jewel will host the project in its ground floor premises and its picturesque internal courtyard. Manon Comerio graduated in Scenography at Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia and started to work in the contemporary art sector with a strong drive towards photography and theatre. After working for years within art galleries, in 2009 she founded Cultural Association KN STUDIO in Verona. Starting from 2014 she deals with site-specific projects, with the aim to create networks between artists and public institutions on a national and international level and to involve businesses directly as promoters and supporters.